domenica 27 settembre 2009

Geohousekeeping : a new Single House



Geohousekeeping: a new Single House
Geohousekeeping, un nuovo scenario urbano. RESIDENTIAL HOUSING

The structure consists of two main elements. An element lower in direct contact with the landscape where the residence is located and an additional suspended element. The house is like formation of a stratified space where each element refers to the elements of the “region” of analysis. The materials are cement, steel, aluminum and glass. Activity of scientific research on Pathos Tettonica 4D (the principles it generates them have been formulated by Lino Ruiu)

Studio: LINO RUIU ARCHITETTO Studio mobile

LINO RUIU Project:2008

Architectural Typology:


Single Houses

Chronology: Designed / Completed 2008 Concept Lavoro di ricerca in corso


•LINO RUIU, Capogruppo

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