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Vase with applied marble carving

Vase with applied marble carving

Signed by Pasqualino Ruiu Painter

Date: 21st century

Culture: Italian

Medium: Terracotta;  Hard-paste marble; white figure  

Painter: Pasqualino Ruiu

Sculptor: Pasqualino Ruiu

Dimensions: H. 43 cm

Classification:  Vases

Credit Line: linoruiupaintings, 2013 

Where• Europe

Italy • Sassari

When• 2013 - A.D. 2001-2100



Obverse, Hermes

Hermes, the divine messenger, identifiable by a winged petasos (broad-brimmed hat), moves quickly across this vase. The addition of the symbol emphasizes the presence of Hermes in the scene. The fluent drawing and articulation of the figure were heightened with details in white marble. The ivy and medallions applied to the exterior surface embellish the upper part of the vase.


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