venerdì 6 settembre 2013

Vase with applied marble carving Description

Obverse, Hermes

Hermes, the divine messenger, identifiable by a winged petasos (broad-brimmed hat), moves quickly across this vase. The addition of the symbol emphasizes the presence of Hermes in the scene. The fluent drawing and articulation of the figure were heightened with details in white marble. The ivy and medallions applied to the exterior surface embellish the upper part of the vase.

Nereid nymph

The unusually large shape is subdivided into four zones, each with a mythological subject. The second zone depicted with extraordinary delicacy, shows a Nereid nymph keeping an argonaut egg case. Nereids were daughters of the sea god Nereus, who are usually associated with the deep.

Upper zone, medallion

Marble medallion with Alectryon

The scene depicted  with extraordinary delicacy, shows Alectryon. The subject of the medallion is unusual and the meaning is not evident, but the reference undoubtedly has to do with the rooster as Alectryon,  the ancient Greek word for "rooster".  Alectryon, the father of Leitus, the Argonaut.

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Dice un proverbio: Quando i figli sono accordati dai propri genitori,   …e anche quando essi   venissero colti dall’eterno ripo...