domenica 13 ottobre 2013

The goddess Rhea preparing the omphalòs stone

Vase with applied marble carving ( fifth image )   
The scene shows the figures who are individually characterized.

The scene shows the goddess Rhea preparing the omphalòs stone, before to wrap it in swaddling cloth, as a substitute for her infant Zeus. Rhea saved Zeus, ruler of the gods, hiding him away on the island of Krete, and fed Kronos, the Titan-king, with a stone wrapped in the swaddling clothes of an infant. The Painter perfectly depicts the goddess Rhea as she prepares the mock child.

Sito web dell'artista :

Sito web dell'artista :

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Dice un proverbio: Quando i figli sono accordati dai propri genitori,   …e anche quando essi   venissero colti dall’eterno ripo...